Telemedicine Virtual Appointments

Nebraska Spine + Pain Center is pleased to offer Telemedicine appointments so patients can experience a provider visit from the comfort and safety of their home. It is an effective option for many patients during the Covid-19 crisis. We will address your back pain and set forth a treatment plan to help you GET BACK TO LIVING.



Most major insurance carriers have approved Telemedicine visits during the Covid-19 crisis.

  • During your Telemedicine appointment, this is what you can expect:
  • The virtual appointment will be similar in length to an in person appointment.
  • A medical assistant or nurse will begin by asking you a series of questions.
  • Your physician will review previous and current symptoms/treatment.
  • Your physician will observe various movements and discuss associated levels of pain and location.
  • The next steps will be discussed thoroughly. This may include medication, imaging, physical therapy, an injection, etc.

To learn more, check eligibility and schedule an appointment, please call us at (402) 496-0404.

Our Patient Access Center will provide instructions and tips to prepare for and achieve a successful appointment. You will be asked to complete forms online prior to your visit.

Our team has identified specific criteria to identify those who will benefit from a virtual visit. If you are an existing patient, our schedulers will communicate with your physician team for approval before confirming the virtual visit.

If you have imaging from another provider, it is beneficial to have those sent to NSPC at least one day prior to your virtual visit. Our schedulers will advise you how to coordinate this.

Additional details:
  • You will need a device with a camera and microphone that can access the internet (desktop computer, laptop, IPAD, tablet, mobile phone).
  • Your Telemedicine visit may take place from anywhere in the U.S. for established NSPC patients.
  • Visit notes will be shared with your primary care physician and referring physician, if applicable.
  • At your request, we can share necessary follow-up information with your employer and other organizations.
  • NSPC providers collaborate with each other so that multiple opinions and communication points are included in your care plan.

Thank you for entrusting us with your care.
We look forward to seeing you online!