First Invisible Trial System Pain Procedure in Nebraska Performed at Nebraska Spine + Pain Center

Nebraska Spine + Pain Center was the first spine practice in the state of Nebraska to perform a spine procedure using Invisible Trial System wireless bluetooth technology. The Invisible Trial System is designed to help chronic patients trial the effect of spinal cord stimulation therapy prior to permanent implant. The Invisible Trial System is app-based and uses AppleTM iPod TouchTM and iPad miniTM technology. Patients and Physicians work together on the devices to adjust pain therapy.

The Invisible Trial System procedure is offered at NSPC offices in Omaha and Lincoln.  It is part of the expanded conservative care offering that will be provided within NSPC’s New Omaha Pain Suite, currently under construction, and expected to open in April, 2016.

If you are experiencing neck or back pain, Nebraska Spine + Pain Center can help.  Our Physicians are driven to help people overcome pain and GET BACK TO LIVING.

To learn more, please call us in Omaha at 402-496-0404.